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In order for a Business to succeed in a Global Market it must possess two fundamental qualities: Well managed intellectual capital and core competencies which allow the organization to fulfill & surpass its clients needs to win and retain their favor. As a result, the business can create an immediate and clear differentiation for its products and services.

Currently, with the rapid evolution of technological innovation and its diffusion, successful organizations find themselves with the need to constantly create and renew their competitive advantage in order to maintain its relevance among its Industry. Knowledge management is a key component in thriving within this dynamic.

As a consequence, corporate communication is pivotal to an organization’s success and requires a 360 global communication approach. It is through corporate communication that organizations are able to share their personality, as well as their culture and values, forging a bond through rewarding experiences with their clients & key publics. In turn, organizations that follow this model gain social credibility, and increase their global value.

In today’s world, there is an ever changing landscape of media. The recent technological breakthroughs in communication, for instance social networks, have positioned every member of an organization as an active spokesperson. If managed properly, this can be an asset for the organization; if neglected, sooner or later it will become a liability.

Furthermore this is not limited to all the members of an organization, it also includes the numerous external publics and collectives as key stakeholders, influencers, decision makers, and opinion leaders. Their role as potential spokespeople mustn’t be ignored, as their actions are independent of organizational input.

Therefore spokespeople external of the organization must be taken into consideration, regardless of their independent criteria. Organizations must gain social legitimacy to align any external spokesperson with their corporate culture, personality, and values. Thus, the external spokesperson has to become familiar with the contribution of the organization to the general interest of society

Corporate communication is pivotal to an organization’s success and requires a 360 global communication approach.

Empowerment comes from the ability to reinforce organizations and people through communication. As a result, people’s leadership is legitimized, as well as their projects, products, and services.  Consequently, designing a communication and knowledge management plan empowers potential spokespeople, and is imperative in achieving the desired alignment.

A symmetrical flow of communication is required in order for these plans to succeed. The efficiency in achieving organizational goals is ensured only by improving knowledge and recognition throughout an organization, both internally and externally. As economic value and social value are reinforced, organizations can further develop their influence and strengthen their recognition and legitimacy in key publics. All the while, with a heightened focus on keeping corporate promises consistent with organizational behavior and culture.

Organizational growth occurs dynamically. Constant vigilance of all organizational activities and business deals is required for preserving positive recognition and global value. Diligent & timely diagnostics of strategy is imperative in order to face new challenges and combat ongoing threats.

In order to respond successfully, appropriate action is required, which ultimately contributes to maximize the organization’s global value. For instance, launching new activities or business ventures, new technology implementation, globalization, re-structuring, economic growth, mergers and acquisitions, change of management and successions, partial and total sale, etc.

In conclusion, all organizational plans should be designed to incorporate 360 communication strategies, based on the new trends of media and technology, which enables organizations to meet the new social demands of transparency and symmetry.

Carlos Cascante-Serratosa
Managing Partner

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