Strategic Plans and New Business Launches

2.1 Launching new business ventures and activities

  • Start-ups

Conceptualization of the idea test and business model definition. Way to Market.

  • Business Plans

Forecasts of revenues flows and proposed ways to increase global value. Analysis of investment needs and profitability. Recommended financial mix.

  • New Launches and Company processes of Internationalization

New products/ services/ and markets.

  • Partnerships for International  Development

Define and implement strategies for entering international markets. Development of an initial platform for operational expansion.

2.2 Strategic Plans to raise Global Value

  • Swot Analysis (Strengths / Weaknesses  / Opportunities / Threats)

From an in-depth internal study of the organization and of its environment (competition, clients, consumers, etc.), a diagnosis covering all the areas of the company will be provided. Recommendations for improvement can be related to:

  • Connections with customers
  • Process improvement
  • Financing
  • Organizational optimization
  • CSR enhancement
  • Design and implementation of Strategic Plans

– Reliable forecasts for revenue flows and expenses.
– Growth projection of the enterprise value, considering both economic and social dimensions, in connection with its respective economic and social balance sheets.
– Market sensitivity analysis: base case, lower case, upper case.

Other services

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