Succession processes, Sale of companies and M&A

3.1 Organizational succession processes and management changes

  • Family-owned companies: professionalization and succession planning

Family protocol.
Evaluation of competencies needed and successor(s) selection.
Design of management teams.

  • Plans for strengthening organizational teams

In order to meet the demands for international development, growth challenges and management changes.

  • Plans for creating and strengthening management teams

Specialized designs for management teams to accomplish a MBO (Management Buy Out), or a MBI (Management Buy In), or a BIMBO (Buy in Management Buy Out).

3.2 Processes of M & A and of Sale of companies (total or partial)

  • Merge & Acquisition investment strategies

Analysis of alternatives of M&A processes, in order to strengthen growth and profitability of the organization, as well as to improve its contribution to public interest, reputation, and social legitimacy.

  • Strategies for maximizing value through the Sale of a Company

Analysis of alternatives to total or partial disinvestment. Maximization of value through the sale of the company in its entirety, one, or some of its business units.

  • Purchase mandates

– Identification and negotiation with target companies and M&A strategy selection.
– Search and negotiation of needed funding.
– Transition and communication planning to optimize transactions.

  • Partial and total selling mandates

– Identification of potential industrial buyers and/or financial backers (national and international private equity firms, venture capitalists, family offices, etc.).
– Design and implementation of leadership MBI and MBO structures, in conjunction with potential buyers, facilitating transactions.
– Payment structures in relation to objectives (earn out, etc.).
– Transition and communication plans to optimize transactions.

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