Process improvement and business development

1. Optimization and relaunching of companies

  • Business Intelligence.

International sectoral analysis.
Evolution of consumer needs and behaviors.
Validation of competitive strategy.

  • Assessments of client and consumer relationships.

Products and services strategy.
Technology evaluation.
Market and segment analysis on an international scale.
Pricing structure.
Distribution channels – online and offline.
Sales system and equipment.
CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and Loyalty.
Image and corporate indentity.
Communication Plan.

  • Process and Operational Flow improvement.

Information Systems.
Digitization and Artificial Intelligence.
Flexibility and outsourcing.
Clean energy and sustainability.
Supply chains.
Relocation of production units for 4.0 Industry.
Revision of service delivery.

  • Financing.

Diagnosis of financial needs and recommended funding structure.
Financing Strategy.
Exit strategies to stock markets, like MAB, AIM, and others.

  • Team optimization.

Identifying talent and competence needs.
Remuneration and incentives.
Training and motivation.
Internal Communication needs.
Organizational Culture and Knowledge Management.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility, Reputation and Legitimacy.

Corporate Social Responsibility and social balance audit.
Corporate social responsibility targets and strategic planning.
Detailed operational plans to optimize reputation and legitimacy.
Corporate governance recommendations.

Other services

2. Compass

Strategic Plans and New Business Launches

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3. Secondinvest

Succession processes, Sale of companies and M&A

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4. Globcom Plan

Strategy and Global Communication Plans

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5. Image

Global Communication Agency and Events

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6. Wisdom

Training, Seminars, Conferences

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7. Making Happen

Operational Direction/ Interim Management  

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