Strategy and Global Communication Plans

4. Empowerment Plan (communication and knowledge management plans)

  • Corporate Culture Empowerment Audit

Corporate culture based on values and attitudes, must be aligned with environmental demands, which have an increasing ability to judge and discern promises from facts.

– Qualitative analysis: Focus Groups and Interviews with Key Influencers.
– Quantitative analysis: Polling Target Groups, by our own linternational Methodology.
– Content analysis: Internet Appearances and Group Connections, adjectival use, conceptualization and analysis of digital footprints.

  • Maps of Influences

Proper audits and analysis require the use of maps of influences, as well as monitoring people and corporate discourse at all levels, within both strategic and tactical spheres.

  • Management strategies and policies (by publics)

Institutional, Social Responsibility, Media relationships (traditional and new media), Shareholder communication, Third party endorsement: communication policies with Suppliers, Distributors, Clients, etc.

  • Internal Communication

The strategic management of the internal communication among the members of an organization, including the management team, is the cornerstone of knowledge management.

– Analysis of the internal structure.
– Distribution of tasks. Relations between departments.
– Flow of vertical and horizontal information.
– Loyalty of the staff members.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Assessment of corporate responsibility action plans concerning corporate values and ethics. Development and monitoring of community engagement programs, corporate foundations, and CSR projects. Implementation of compliance programs and its corresponding internal and external communication.

  • Storytelling and Corporate Discourse

Strengthening organizational power by improving messages: storytelling and corporate discourse; as organizational power lies, in part, in the ability to generate knowledge and transmit it as influence.

  • Crisis Communication

The establishment of communication management strategies and policies by publics, including the internal communication, it creates the platform to adequately develop crisis communication.

  • Online and Offline Empowerment guidelines

The empowerment, as a key process in the management and generation of knowledge, transcends to the international stage, especially due to online capabilities, but also occurs offline. To preserve corporate value through the years It is mandatory to guide employees by means of training, including specialized workshops, on the right use of technology.

  • Organizational Charts for politics, communication, and tactics

Management of communication processes; organization and prioritization of timed messages, through key publics and channels, in order to enhance the weight of the organization within it spheres of influence and interests.

  • Creating Tactics

– Multimedia services: Experiential Audiovisuals (Events) or Training Audiovisuals (Web).
– Corporate Newsletters/ House Organs: Employees, Shareholders, Business Partners, Clients, etc.
– Corporate Memories and Manuals (Employee Manual, Welcoming processes).
– Web Services. Conceptualization and modernisation of interactive infographics, landing pages, and calls to action (fast reading approach).

  • Communication and Knowledge Management

– Development of a communication and knowledge management plan on a global scale.
– Design and implementation of the communication and knowledge management plan: Through our guided system, starting from an audit and the map of influences. Definition of communication strategy and policies. Diagnosis of improvements needed and recommended actions in all fields, including the creation and management of tactics.

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